New Music From Ray Parker Jr.

Check the interview where he tells the story of Ghost Busters

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We’ve been away to long.

We’ve got to get back to it.

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ASM Store Release

New release to A String Music Store “Klock”

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Bobby Smith

Today we remember one of the founders of The Spinners forever respected. 

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Getting back to work!

15,052 visits to A String Music Store sounds good but that just getting the ball started. We are always looking for new music new artist to rise to the top of their game. In this brave new world, it is still amazing that music is now and music is forever. Songs are still being hummed in the heads those who hear it. We would like to help it stay that way. Let’s us help put your music online in many music databases correctly. Some of you won’t get it until it’s much too late. I was like that till I learned how to do it correctly. There are many steps to the administration of music. Reach out! let’s talk maybe we can help. contact at

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‘You Can’t Change That’ by Raydio – A Great Exhilarating Rock and Roll Song

Someone wrote this about the owner of A String Music check it out.

Tony's Book World


As most of you know I usually write about books, but this is one of my rare forays into music.  I have discovered the perfect rock and roll song and a fine live performance of it.  It is an old song that has never really gotten the credit it deserves.  The song is “You Can’t Change That” by a band called Raydio which was led by Ray Parker Jr.  It came out in 1979 and only reached number 9 on the charts, but this is not your typical number 9 song.  Here is an excellent video from 1979 on YouTube of Raydio doing this song.  You can watch it also by clicking on the picture.

I’ve watched the video and listened to ‘You Can’t Change That’ probably over a hundred times, and I have still not tired of it. It is an exciting lively warm performance that you just want…

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A Flipagram has been shared with you!

Dave Henderson/Painted Funk
#SmoothJazz #flipagram made with @flipagram .

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