Grand Opening Campaign for A String Music Store!


Grand Opening!!! On-line!!!

I’m Arnell Carmichael CEO Announcing the grand opening of “The A String Music Store!” where you can download music from new undiscovered talent.  We are offering deals and celebrating! You also can goto  for second offer!

You’re receiving this as and invitation to join the A String Music Store! Here is where you will get insider information telling you about the leading songs, bio of artists, the buzz, plays, sales and downloads of your singles in the store.  Who’s who in music website rankings, discount codes for sells promotions, songs contest and more. What’s new for A String Music Store! The trends we follow for instances the web presence of social networking linking to popular website.

Our current campaign is centered on singles for downloads. Yes, We do have your best interest at heart. We are taking on a tried and truth method marketing.  Tying music with merchandise. This will put new artist into the forefront of the world of music.  The task is to help you meet new consumer base listeners of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Neo Soul, Rock and Roll and more! So Untapped undiscover unsigned Artists, Indie companies, and Record Productions you are the key! We need more artists! More songs! from all categories.

To participate with us all you have to do is keep new music coming. LOL… we do have forms and agreements honestly. Fill in the contact form below to receive your digital agreement from ASMS (a string music store)  We’ll keep creating the music marketing campaigns with merchandise that we think is appealing to music lovers . Our studies show there is room for more music stores on-line.  No one music store is on the top list of world website for music. We think that you we have a chance with some great songs! to be the next great artist! The artist of the future. We think the better music will win the numbers game. If you’re unheard of  and would a like specific awareness campaign we will create a marketing plan for you. We have payment plans that are affordable for you and your music career. Our last study tells us this about most people’s favorite music download websites out there.  Amazon which is no. 7 who sells more than just music to public.

  1. has a global traffic ranking of 7 in the world.
  2. ASMS is within has a global traffic ranking of 1,844 in the world
  3. has a global traffic ranking of 7,967 in the world.
  4. has a global traffic ranking of 150,242 in the world.

Quotes From

The first plan is a simple one: “Your Name” will go into the ad below where it says you could be in this space. Cost $10.00 w/entry into the ASMS or enter in the store for free by filling out the form below.

“Download 12 songs! Get a free mini bomb speaker!”

A String Music Store

This could be “Your Name” in this space join our campaign today!

When you fill out the form below you’ll receive the digital distribution agreement and other information needed to join the music campaign we are launching to promote new music for the Grand Opening of A String Music Store!

music, artist, and download Image

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