Let us! Help You Promote Your Music Create A New Account!

ASMS logo 1

“The A String Music Store!”
Where you can download music from new undiscovered talent

Bringing new singles from unsigned artist to the front of music downloads. Development of new music marketing,  career marketing with promotions aimed at finding an audience for artist. This is a tried and true method from the old school days called work with new intentions to present new music. We are  from Detroit, MI. and we love to grind it to the ground.   We’re looking for more artist to promote to world.  Sharing the vision new artist for the future.  We’re placing ads on many websites like most do.  Our parent company Ricochet3mgroup we’ll let us post there also.  We believe in music. We believe in artist. We are looking for you. Because you do not know what VP maybe looking for you.  if your a indie or just cranking out tunes let us help you. The campaign won’t start without you we’re here for the long haul let’s go.

This plan is a simple one: “Your Name” will go into a ad created by A String Music
store: Cost from $10.00 w/entry into the ASMS or join the store for free by emailing us your request  for digital distribution agreement  and other information needed to join the music campaigns we are launching to promote new music for our Grand Opening of A String Music Store! New era new artist! Advertise your music with us! for 30 days from $25.

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