Still Number 1 in the A String Music Store “Mike Fageros”

Still Number 1 in The A String Music Store!This is the second week for the “Mike Fageros Organ Trio” single entry “Invitation” into the A String Music Store! He may be unknown to some but he’s quite the well-known guitarist in the Detroit Music scene. I met this gentleman at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge located in the northwest area of Detroit, MI.  Good player’s get the chance to sit in on an open mic show when there is respected for the player.  Allan Barnes (Flute/Saxophonist known for The Blackbyrds) ask that Mike Fageros play two songs with Prime Time Band (Allan Barnes’s band )on the  third set of the night.  Prime Time consisted of Tate Mc Broom (drums), Budz Fiddler (bass guitar), Kenneth Green (Piano), and myself Arnell Carmichael (guitar).  I was blown away by his ideals and licks he played on the songs “Grazing in the Grass” the Hugh Masekela version, and  “Just My Imagination” a Temptations song (that feature late Eddy Kendrick).  The song a was filled with great solos my  Allan Barnes, Mike Fageros and (Trumpeter) Howard  Wazeerud-Din.  As this version an instrumental song “Just my Imagination” winded down he had the solo fade out  to finished while the horns carrier out the melody to the  end. Effortlessly creative! Improvisation well done.  I new I wanted to talk with him about his ability to play guitar.  So now here we are months later from that day.  Many people come to hear Mike Fageros at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. Mike Fageros Organ Trio “Invitation” the single is doing it’s thing in the A String Music Store. Two weeks in a row our  first lead song so let the downloads  begin! Congratulation Mike Fageros.

If you would like to be in the A String Music Store! email us your request to

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