“No More Top Ten List”

It’s come to our attention that some of the songs in our music catalog are streamed while others  aren’t. The method choose to determine song participation is better suited for it’s position by activate from listeners and buyers. Bandcamp doesn’t excellent job rating: the position of the songs from all of the to statics to come in on the musical data file. As this is our host we are very proud of how they analytically control information. Sharing this information with our clients is our job as we read information of different songs on the charts that they are involved inactivate we have set up our system.

“Song Position” new for “A String” so that you can get the information about your song very quickly. We even will go so far as to send you the link through Mobile accessibility. We are not sharing the password because there would be too many computer entries into the the band camp site   call a string music store. but we are working on and developing A String Music Store.net for individual access. so for now we have “Song Position” to help you gain more information about your music with in our website thank you.

Thank You Arnell D. Carmichael Owner of A String Music Store!

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