Thank You “Ray Parker Jr”


Ray,  I’m officially thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your work,  “Raydio” the  All American Band, that’s what you called it.  It’s now known as the Arista years of your long career.  Raydio has been like a phoenix rising from the beginning and it continues to grow and has become endearing to so many people.  I never thought in my wildest dreams it would take you to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  I’ve been so honored to have sung those songs “Jack and Jill” and “You Can’t Change That”,  the list  goes on and on because the nights that we stayed up till everyone else left were long hours. Those  sessions became my education of learning at how making real music from a young master musician. Being older than you was always my plus. I watched and listened very carefully.  Singing for you was something meant for the world to hear. Now is the time that I too want the public to never forget Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio.  May Jerry Knight and Larry Tolbert rest in peace.  You remind so many people that dreams do come true for those who work hard.  You’ve done that.. so enjoy!  Your story is a triumph for musicians, songwriters, producers, studio owners, publishers, and singers. Congrats,

I can’t wait for the book! Salute, Peace, and Respect.


Arnell Carmichael

A String Music Store!

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2 Responses to Thank You “Ray Parker Jr”

  1. I grew up with your music and with you around us as friends congratulations Ray Parker, Jr.

  2. Catherine Fulton says:

    I am one of the ones who had years of enjoyment and now your music is endearing to me. In my world, it has lasted for years, and I have shared it with the younger generation through my own adult children. You come from a world where music was created, not copied. Yours was an original sound. Thank you Ray Parker Jr for creating Raydio, those years were golden memories for me as a fan and someone who’s world was wrapped into your sounds. I loved you, and every single member in the group. You sound caused me to spend and support you in my youth through my adulthood and even later years. I learned to save my money to be able to see you and your group. As fortune would have it, I now have a friendship with Arnell Carmichael and was very, very glad to know him and learn on a realistic basis how things came together which put me in touch with you! You, in my opinion have done a tremendous amount and helped others with their success and sound down through the years. Thank you for your story. Oh how I wish your parents, Ray Sr. and Ms V. could still be here for your Hall of Fame moment! It is long overdue in my book, however, you finally made it where you belong!
    ~Fan for life!

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