New Artist New Music!

We are always looking for new artist. “New music just makes you feel good” Our new website and download music store is coming soon. A String Music ! This one’s a net that’s right we’re expanding for more reviews, song position music, videos, music news, and marketing campaigns.Our “Ready N Play” gets the music in consumers hands like the good old days. Next up interviews of artists backstage and before shows. We want you to know our artist. Selling music with electronic devices, and music accessories that should help your music get the attention your looking for. I would like to make a lot of noise for the celebration of Ray Parker Jr’s star in Hollywood. so if you want to join the A string music store now is the time to do it. In one day we have been visited by 10 countries. So come on rally with us! The next 30 days we’re going to get a lot of attention worldwide it would be very good if it was your music in the ASMS for download.
If you want to join the A String Music Store contact us at ASMUSICSTORE@LIVE.COM or better yet just fill out some of the forms here on A String WordPress thank you!

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2 Responses to New Artist New Music!

  1. astringmusic says:

    New artist forward promotion you never know who’s listening

  2. astringmusic says:

    There has never been a music outlet for new music that allows on-line music casters or on line personalities who host internet radio shows for service of listening to music. New study show this is the fastest delivery of music there’s ever been.

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