A.S.M.S. Draft is Here

asmslogo draft 2014sm    A.S.M.S. Draft for Music! Join Now! 

First release date 08/14/2014 from The A String Music Store!

That’s right the “A.S.M.S. Draft” is here’s the opportunity for your music to be heard. The chance to get the promotion in place for your music project. Preparation is key if you’re a music artist.  Building fans for someone that’s a music artist can start here with the A.S.M.S. Draft. If you would like to known what’s new music sounds like before it’s published to the real world or into the A String Music Store! Then this is for you the “A.S.M.S. Draft”.  Joining A String Music Store is free. The A.S.M.S. Draft is free

Join now! All you got to do is sign up below. We’ll send you the agreements by email.  Inbox Ricochet 3M Group FB page, or email asmusicstore@live.com  it’s free.

The winners receives  prizes! email blast, valuable administration services important codes from your project.  Get download discount codes on the date of your release party.

Listeners are invite to vote or comment on new music. We calculate the votes to find out the winners.  If that’s you! The release date will be set for your music project.

Submit your music  email to asmusicstore@live.com “I wanted be in the music draft”

We’ll send you the info if your the artist or listener.  The guidelines  for the listener.  The rules for the artist  All genres of music accepted.

Now your family, friends, fans, and support to get a advance look at your finished product before it’s published.

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