“Song Position” Aug 7, 2014

ASMS Song Position Top Ten July-Aug 7

Green = equals complete plays

A.S.M.S. Song Position

A.S.M.S. Song Position

A.S.M.S.  Draft for Music

A.S.M.S. Draft for Music

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4 Responses to “Song Position” Aug 7, 2014

  1. astringmusic says:

    Click on the playlist to read

  2. johnny powe says:

    I am your biggest fan was 18 years old first listening to you 52 years oldI have little boys that I play you can change that to all the time they love you song I love your singing they sing it all the time so do I and I play for anybody and everybody who wants to hear it thank you for being part of my life to live as a kid can change that please get a picture of you sign autograph I’ll probably put it on my wall

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