The A.S.M.S. Draft for Music

asmslogo-draft-2014sm_thumb 2nd A.S.M.S. Draft for Music! Join Now!


The second A.S.M.S. Draft for Music is about to start. No official winner as of yet in the first Draft! The release of six new projects are in the store. The release of “4U” by Lyric Wilson his solo effort is the current up front project. New artist with new music are entering the store with the expectation to succeed.  Unheard of music is a task to promote.  The ability of technology has help lighten the load of getting the music to listeners. Creating marketing campaigns is an art form these days. Putting you the new artist in someone’s ear is the plan.  There’re sound speakers everywhere around you in cell phones, mp3 players, in cars, on buses, in buildings, in computers, on flat screens. I could go on with that thought but, are you hearing them not even knowing where they are. The hard work still has to be done to get the listener to paid attention to your project.  Employing social media is of course the tool needed to work for new music listeners waiting to discover new artist.  Raising the bar for music that has never been heard of is the ultimate duties for radio stations, record companies, production companies, artists, producers, singers, musicians and more.  One thing is for sure a person listening to you is worth keeping. All of this and more is why we are here. Creating new campaigns for affordable prices. As always entering the draft is free getting sponsors to back you is not.  Finding believers cost.  While your music will be posted on several of our social media outlets. You can still beef up the boost on who you are musical. Think of us as a energy drink that you take to stay up a few more hours.  If your tired we aren’t we can afford to be. There are thousand of ways to promote music.

Join now! All you got to do is sign up below. We’ll send you the agreements by email.  Inbox Ricochet 3M Group FB page, or email or it’s free.

The winners receives  prizes! email blast, valuable administration services important codes from your project.  Get download discount codes on the date of your release party.

listeners are invite to vote or comment on new music. We calculate the votes to find out the winners.  If that’s you! The release date will be set for you music project.

Submit your music  email to, or “I wanted to be in the music draft”

We’ll send you the rules if your the artist or listener.  The guidelines  for the listener.  The rules for the artist  All genres of music accepted.

Now your family, friends, fans, and support to get a advance look at your finished product before it’s published.


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