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On The A String Music Store!

All Time Song Positions Chart


Purchase on Micro SD chip for your personal pleasure $9.99

A Standard 128mb Micro SD cards come with reader card slots allowing use with stand alone computers,

laptops and tablets. Service charge for set up varies per music  package.

No.  1  – Lyric Wilson w/Lay Back from the CD package “4U” is number one sure.

 4u cover This solo project is Lyric Wilson’s attempt to show he could do his  music his way. He’s proving his point with his single Lay Back. It’s bringing listeners to A.S.M.S. everyday he’s become a premier artist. The CD package is filled with Old school, Smooth R & B,  and Aggressive Hip Hop undertones in his music.  He’s make’s you feel like you’ve been missing out on great music. More to come we’re going to showcase some other songs soon.  We’ll always keep Lyric Wilson  music in stock. Also check out “The Wilson Night Project”  If you’re using micro sd cards for the cost of $9.99 we’ll get it out to you.

No. 2 – Christopher Buchanan El’s track Self Made Millionaire SMMcover  CD  package of the same name. Hard working man has supporters  loves making music. That’s what the want ad should read for Christopher Buchanan El on the funky side of life at number two on the song position chart.  There’s more than one song on the charts songs such as Where Time Goes, and Right On. Plus the single Self Made Millionaire keeps him on the charts.

No. 3 – Number Three –  Jon Dough’s “Pretty Girls” from the “GODetroit” CD. GoDetroit cover

Ok he’s representing Detroit with rap lines that others wouldn’t say. Very strong with insight that young people cling to. In the “Pretty Girls song” lines like Redbone, Yellowbone, Dark skin White skin unique to say the least for girls of all colors, leaving no one out.  At a time when Detroit needs a hero Jon Dough steps up to say what he believes.  GODETROIT offers his brand of hope at No.3  on the all time song position chart with the single Pretty Girls.

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