Taking Steps In The Right Direction

We’re adding a product distributor to A String Music Store! He’ll be hitting the streets of Detroit, MI. setting up sales of all our products. Now If your a client with your agreements in place with the A.S.M.S this will mean new revenue for you. As a independent artist you need the support from your partners in business. Using the best of our abilities we’re teaming up with people who protect our interest, and that is passed on to you. Our job never stops the harder we work the more opportunity for all of us. We have completed our agreements to do this with great attention. To generate new awareness campaigns for new music and new artist. With that said here’s a deal for you 2500 full color 4×4 flyers w/design $180. Promote your music we’ll distribute the flyers or place them inside the A String Music Plus Pages If you join with us together the efforts can and will bring attention to the A.S.M.S. family. Get in touch with us by email asmusicstore@gmail.com, asmusicstore@live.com, or call 248-747-0224

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