A.S.M.S. Summit

This has been a rough winter for all us on the mid west and east coast. Temperatures below 0 degree lots of snow so much that you’d better have a v8 engine snow blower to clear most of it.

Now that spring is round the corner we’ve been looking for new artist with new music, lots of skills, and intelligence. Cause creating marketing endeavors of success take time. We are building the best team possible to get this done. We will continue to believe that preparing yourself with a marketing strategy is of vital importance. These days a music artist must also be creative, free thinking, determined to achieve with his/her social abilities to cross market. You’re our priority let us grind together finding your core following. Our programs are designed in ways to help you sell with the A String Music Store!, Ready N Play system, and The A.S.M. Draft for Music awareness campaign. Coming soon a Summit involving the A String members in a series call “Starting From Scratch” stay tune.

These programs have been set up to put people who really want their musical careers to kick in to happen. So creating awareness campaigns for new music entrepreneurs the challenge is worth it. Driving the work effort then showing up on the A.S.M.S. Song Position Chart is a telling reward. Being able to make a living from the fruits of your music catalog is golden. Surely all of this is not easy. It’s like being on a farm team for music without a coach. Then trying to go to the pro’s of music with only minor league experience.

These days there’s music everywhere on-line, in corner stores, at malls, thru loud speakers in cars that are being blasted or marketed in your face. Artist who make video’s for YouTube and much more. Rappers who stand on street corners, gas stations and neighbor hood liquor stores trying to get your attention so their music will be heard. Just to light the flame of fame to become a profit earning artist. We here want to help you as much as we can. Fame is hard to get, making money from your recording in much is harder.

All thought most new artist concepts are a like each new music production are prepare differently. Thee individuals who are the exception stand out. So how does the separation of the amateurs from the professionals happen now more than ever its left up to the masses to decide. Artists must stay the course! To find out! Until money comes from the effort. All the of learning won’t help you without business knowledge and the willingness to apply it.

Forty years ago music productions by unknowns was not heard by the masses. Recording Companies would screen them considering those unprofessional with lesser musical skill set. Afraid to invest in helping with creating the final product. Resulting now in investors who want only to invest in finished product. Now for indies radio play made easier to find out what was popular by who? Who got the most airplay. The ones who paid for promotion. Those days are almost gone. Everyday that’s changing more and more first time artist make the attempt to release some kind of music. Word of mouth still has it merits. Nothing compares to competition on a massive scale.

When everyone is on the same page that’s when the voices pass it on your song is the one the world wants to hear.

Now there’s to many pathways to hear music to many too mention. We are welling to push the limits of business with ideals that we execute to find who will survive as a artists. Join the A String Music Summit Today with your email.

Here the ASMS DRAFT this month









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