Music Must Have Value

From my studies, research, and learning of the music business I’ve come to a conclusion that I hope I can share with others. That when creating a piece of music it must be appreciated by the writer enough that the work turns into a well like audio performance a masterpiece. Ok now that’s nothing new. Yet when a piece of music has been perfected then it has to be heard in its full effect. Today’s artists have the tendencies to skip these steps that are still needed. Like a craftsmen of instruments each step is a process that must be completed for the finished product.  Once finished then the master product can be displayed. How does one know when the production is ready to mastered? An album or CD of music ready for market. The technic have change over the years. Recording equipment, engineers, mix down specialist, recording studios have redeveloped the wheel of audio for instant results. Master has become like finding the holy grail. One great song at a time song at a time. How would you know when your song is ready? The appreciation has to be turn into a foundation that allows the certain and particular creation into a volume that can be heard sweetly, a weight that can be measure, like a smooth skin the can be touch. Yet its intangible til the writer brings it into the tangible music world. To even get to the point of which I speak may take some years by themselves. Now surely young songwriters want to achieve greatness. If this is true then what of the musician who’s inside of the song body , mind, and soul. The musician has to be so learned, in tune, comprehend harmonies, and refined the unbelievable melody combination within that makes for an explosion song to be heard round the world.

Usher’s “Yeah” has the least amount of tracks on a recording. When heard the song I knew Usher had arrived as a production company.  You look at many song like this but this speak for itself I know where near the music business. I could hear to work placed into the song  a mile away. I wish more artist would work harder for the price of success.

“Yeah!” was met with universal critical acclaim, with critics lauding its production, more specifically its combination of crunk and R&B. An accompanying music video, directed by Mr. X, shows Usher performing choreography in a club in front of blue laser beams. “Yeah” won a Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 47th Grammy Awards, while being nominated for Record of the Year. The song ranked second on the Billboard Hot 100 2000–2009 Decade-end chart. As of September 2013, the song has sold over 4 million copies in the US.

Your music must have value. I’m writing this that if your planning to enter your songs in the A String Music Store! you must work on it.  You can’t get around it. Sure it’s free but at what cost. To climb the chart is going to get harder the more people listen.  Our plans are to take artist to places they’ve never been but we need great songs to do that. Join the A String Music Draft here fill out the form below.

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