All Things Being Digital

With all things being digital the economics of the music business is at its lowest profit margin in CD sells in more than a decade. Creative music has been hit hard by of all the things that bootleggers, pirating, and sharing is doing to that keeps it down. Much more damage is still being done to the confidence of new music entrepreneurs, indie artists, indie  record companies and distributors.  The new listeners think that music should be free. This means artist, songwriters, singers, arrangers,  and producers,  will make little to know profit for their works. Where do we stand? What are the artist, songwriters, arrangers, producers, and the support teams behind indie records companies? Slave to the rhythm!  These newbies who would like to break into the business mainstream for a lucrative music career.  The newbies will have a fear that older artist never had.  Mainly digital quick music making.   No guide more A&R departments (supervisor of artist repertoire) for development. No more guidance from decent talent scouts looking for talented individuals. So now on your own a make product. What I call “The what you think?” music business.  Always waiting for approval before your ready.  To me that’s kind of weird. It could be my age or maybe not.

All things being digital has me going back in thought when the Linn Drum Machine came into play. That unit alter the feeling and change the production game,  gone were some drummers. Producers didn’t have to deal with the attitudes of prima donna musicians. When the midi sequencer units begin assisting songwriters who used them for creating new song patterns. The feel of a real piano players seemed to be lost. The layering of musical parts were taking hostage of the imagination to a different spaces where some of us like it, others didn’t.  Professional strings players who lost their jobs because keys with digital strings did their thing. Something was lost people lost jobs with this new ability to being a digital correction.  In days pass real talent was some things we worked hard for. Now step right up and get your voice auto tuned. Let’s get a master mix of your music for a mp3 finish.

I remember very well getting my first 24tk mix down on high basis chrome cassette tape. When I played it in the car wow!… I couldn’t wait to hear it at home on the top of line whatever player with the Bose speaker system. So many things that’s being done for the instant music society you can’t even wait for the music to be finish. Now we’re never going to be satisfy with music.  if you’re like me when looking for the best artist. Photoshop graphics to audio to video before you can blink one eye. It’s on your phone so quick you can’t tell if it was mistake or intended. All things being digital is wearing us down.

You can find these multi media outlets are allow unfinished files to post. Internet Social media, Television shows, cable shows, HD multi media devices, file sharing services, anyone copying, cellphones  and more of course. These processes post up in the funniest clips creating a revolutions on its own. An artist that’s just getting started. He/she knows nothing about the process that he/she are getting into they just want to be heard or seen. So the revolution begins with artists trying to find their way to the growth population who appreciates their creativity. Millions of hits aren’t millions of dollars. Large streaming outlets such as Spotify doesn’t pay the artist what we think artist should get. All things being digital many don’t care how the creative flows as long as it does. When its the finish production we want. If there it was a way of stopping unfinished production from entering the world of music/media. Then we could select the best artists for great works of art, videos,  music before its posted it. Then the possibility of making a living would flourish helping young artist. People do not care to know what’s free and whats not. The other thing is The Library of Congress should have a new process.  Certifying what’s finish and what is not. Til then music losses its value.

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